Our family has been raising registered Old English Southdown Babydoll sheep for over twenty years. Our goals are high quality wool, meat, and conformity to the breed standard as the original Southdown.  We have sheared, carded, spun, knit & woven their wool, milked them and made various cheeses, and butcher lambs for our freezers each year.  We sell breeding stock to help other producers start or strengthen their flocks.

Our flock was established by Janette in the mid-90s with a pair of sheep which were part of the foundation flock when the classic-style Southdowns were renamed Babydolls and established as a breed.  It is now managed by Janette and Bill’s son’s family, and lambing happens at our place, 5 miles west of the home farm.   The flock has really grown on us, both literally and figuratively, since the shepherding torch was passed to us a few years back.  We have come to appreciate what healthy, beautiful animals they are, and what an ideal breed of sheep the Babydolls are for our family.

We are members of both the North American Babydoll Southdown Sheep Registry (NABSSAR) and the Olde English Babydoll Registry (OEBR):

Olde English Babydoll Registry

We expect to have both black and white lambs available each year.  Lambing will be in April; weaning in July.

*Update 5-23-17: Lambing season in 2017 went well.  Buyers have spoken for all but 2 of our available ewes.  We also have a few wethers for sale.*rachel-snowball