2019 Lambs
Lambing in April; weaning in July
Ewes $400
Rams $350*
Wethers $120

2019 lambs are here! If you would like to reserve some or have questions, let Laura know. kfarmsheep@gmail.com or 402-910-5761

Wethers will be sold unregistered unless the buyer wants papers; registered, they are $150.
*Any rams not spoken for by buyers will be wethered within the first few weeks after birth.
All our breeding stock is registered.  We have only done codon testing for scrapie resistance on some of our ewes, but all our lambs are sired by RR (scrapie resistant) rams.

2019 lambs available:  1. Fawn’s twins – ewe and wether, 2. Lilac’s ewe lamb, 3. Jasmine’s wethered lamb (he’s the one pestering his mom; ewe lamb not available)  4. Rose’s ewe lamb, 5. Iris’ twins – ewe and ram, 6. Iris’ ewe lamb, 7. Millie’s twins – ewe and ram (ewe lamb shown with her mom), 8. Lily’s twins, ewe and ram, 9. Lily’s ewe lamb. Her ewe is the only black lamb we had born this year. Lily’s and Millie’s twins are RR.

Yearling – One more 2018 ewe lamb is up for sale and ready to go! She was a late surprise, born July 2 to Wooly, an 8 year old ewe. Our daughter named her Hoshiko, “Pretty Star” in Japanese. Pictures are at 3, 9, and 10 months.

We are offering a couple of mature ewes again this year who can be sold as breeding pairs or a trio with unrelated ram lamb(s). These are proven mothers who lambed easily and have done a great job with their babies. Both NABSSAR registered.

This is Iris, a three year old. She had twins both this spring and last. $400.

Iris 538

Here is Lilac, Iris’ twin. Her picture below with the breeding stock shows her in full fleece.  She has now had 3 lambs – all ewes!  $400.

Here are pictures and information about our ram and ewes:

img_1272Brutus, 2014 RR ram, dual registered. 24 inches. NABSSAR #13483, OEBR #16330.
Was bred to our ewes in 2017 and 2018. Brutus is the most docile and easy to manage ram we have ever owned.

20190119_160730 Cinderella, 2018 RR ewe, dual registered. Mom is Millie.

Belle, 2018 RR ewe, dual registered. Cinderella’s triplet sister. (Picture coming soon)

20190119_222414 Elsa, 2018 ewe, NABSSAR registered. Mom is Iris.

20190119_160947 Mulan, 2018 ewe, dual registered. Mom is Quarter.

20190322_092906 Dolly, 2017 ewe, dual registered. 1 single. Mom is Snowball. She and her mom are the friendliest sheep in the flock. (Shown just after shearing – our 16 yr. old daughter’s first sheep shorn. Done with hand shears. Not bad, Emily!)

lilac resizedLilac, 2016 ewe, NABSSAR registered.  3 singles. Mom is Millie, pictured below.

20180920_103052Iris, 2016 ewe, NABSSAR registered, Lilac’s twin. 2 set of twins.

20180412_150938 Lily, 2016 RR ewe, NABSSAR registered, 22in. 1 single, 1 set of twins. Blackest of our blacks – color not fading so far.

Fawn croppedFawn, 2015 ewe, NABSSAR registered. 3 sets of twins. Mom is Dora.

Squirrel resizedSquirrel, 2015 ewe, NABSSAR registered. 2 set of twins and a single. (Yes, she has a long tail!)

Mosier family 2015 008Millie, 2014 RR ewe, dual registered, 22 in.  3 sets of twins and 1 set of triplets. Mom is Dora.

20190512_131344Tillie, 2014 ewe, dual registered, 19 inches. 1 single, 2 sets of twins.  Shortest ewe in the flock.

IMG_1391Flopsy, 2013 ewe, OEBR registered. 4 sets of twins and a single. Wonderful fleece, longer staple. Mom is Wooly.

Quarter resizedQuarter, 2013 ewe, dual registered. 2 sets of twins, 3 singles. Excellent udder. Mom is Snowball.

Grand Prairie-20170224-01307Jasmine, 2012 QR ewe, dual reg. 22.5 in. 5 sets of twins. Mom is Rose.

sheep reg 017Snowball, 2012 QR ewe, dual reg, 21.5 in.  2 singles, 3 sets twins, & 2 sets triplets; raised them all.


Wooly, 2010 ewe, dual registered, 21.75 in.  3 sets of twins and 4 singles

Grand Prairie-20150423-00664Ginger, Wooly’s twin.  dual reg. 19.5 in.
6 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets.

Rose resized2Rose, 2010 ewe, dual reg, 21.75 in.
6 sets of twins, 1 set of triplets, and 1 single.

IMG_1418Dora, 2010 ewe, dual reg, 20 in.
6 sets of twins and 2 singles

Dolly, Cinderella, and Belle were triplets. Elsa, Lilac, Lily, Tillie, Squirrel, Fawn, Flopsy, Snowball, Jasmine, Dora, Ginger, and Wooly were all born twins.  Mulan, Quarter, Millie, and Rose were singles.

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