2021 Lambs

We are sold out of breeding stock, but still have some wethered male lambs available. $250 each.

2022 Lambs

Ewes $600, Rams $450

Lambing in April, weaning in July

I will start a list for 2022 lambs on September 1, after I have sold this year’s lambs and decided how many ewes I will breed in the fall. If you are interested, please contact me on or after that date.

*Any rams not spoken for as breeding stock will be wethered within the first few weeks after birth.
All our sheep are registered.  We have only done codon testing for scrapie resistance (RR/QR/QQ at codon 171) on some of our breeding stock, but can test lambs for customers upon request.

Here are pictures and information about our breeding stock, up to date as of 7/12/21:


Gus, 2019 QR ram. 23.75 inches. NABSSAR #18802, OEBR #20465. Gus sired all our 2021 lambs.

Brutus side resizedPrevious ram: Brutus, 2014 RR ram, dual registered.  24 inches. NABSSAR #13483, OEBR#16330.  Brutus sired our 2018-2020 lambs. He has now been sold.

Gem54Gem, 2020 RR ewe. Dual registered with OEBR and NABSSAR. 1 single.

Wooly7Wooly, 2020 QR ewe, NABSSAR registered.

GwennaGwenna, 2019 RR ewe, dual registered. 1 set of twins.

ShiroShiro, 2019 RR ewe, dual registered. 20 in. 2 singles.

Cinderella0123 Cinderella, 2018 RR ewe, dual registered. 21.25 in. 2 sets of twins.

Belle edited

Belle, 2018 RR ewe, dual registered. 19.5 in. Cinderella’s triplet sister. 2 singles.


Elsa, 2018 QR ewe, NABSSAR registered. 20.5 in. 2 sets of twins.

Diamond resizedDiamond, 2018 RR ewe, dual registered. 20.25 in. 2 sets of twins.

Lily resized Lily, 2016 RR ewe, NABSSAR registered, 21 in. 2 singles, 1 set of twins, 1 set of triplets.

Fawn resizedFawn, 2015 ewe, NABSSAR registered. 1 single, 3 sets of twins, and 1 set of triplets.

Squirrel resizedSquirrel, 2015 ewe, NABSSAR registered. 4 sets of twins and a single. (Tail is undocked.)

20190512_131344Tillie, 2014 QR ewe, dual registered, 19 inches. 1 single, 5 sets of twins.  Shortest ewe in the flock.

IMG_1391Flopsy, 2013 QQ ewe, OEBR registered. 4 sets of twins, 2 singles, and 1 set of triplets. Wonderful fleece, longer staple.

Quarter resizedQuarter, 2013 QR ewe, dual registered. 2 sets of twins, 5 singles. Mom is Snowball.

Grand Prairie-20170224-01307Jasmine, 2012 QR ewe, dual reg. 20.5 in. 6 sets of twins. Mom is Rose.

sheep reg 017Snowball, 2012 QR ewe, dual reg, 21.5 in.  2 singles, 4 sets twins, & 3 sets triplets; excellent udder – her many babies have never needed bottle supplementation.

Grand Prairie-20150423-00664Ginger, 2010 ewe.  dual reg. 19.5 in.
1 single, 6 sets of twins, and 1 set of triplets.

Rose resizedRose, 2010 ewe, dual reg, 21.75 in.
6 sets of twins, 2 sets of triplets, and 2 singles.

Cinderella and Belle were triplets. Gus, Gem, Wooly, Gwenna, Elsa, Diamond, Lily, Tillie, Squirrel, Fawn, Flopsy, Snowball, Jasmine, and Ginger, were all born twins. Quarter, Rose, and Shiro were singles.

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