2017 lambs: Sold out.
A list has been started of people interested in 2018 lambs; let Laura know if you’d like to be on it!  Email kfarmsheep@gmail.com or call (402)910-5761.

2018 Lambs
Lambing in April; weaning in July
Ewes $400
Rams $350*
Wethers $120

Wethers will be sold unregistered unless the buyer wants papers; registered, they are $150.
Several options are available locally for custom butchering; we are able to arrange this on request.
*Any rams not spoken for by buyers will be wethered within the first few weeks after birth, so if you think you might be interested in a ram from us, please let us know before or during lambing season.

For sale, paired with unrelated 2018 ram lambs:

Iris, NABSSAR registered ewe.  She will be 2 in the spring; pictured as a yearling.
Clover, NABSSAR registered ewe.  She will also be 2 in the spring.  (Poor girl has burrs on her face in these pictures.)  We’re saving these guys for people looking for breeding pairs.  We expect them to lamb this spring, and they’ll be ready to go after weaning time.
All our breeding stock is registered.  We have only done codon testing for scrapie resistance on some of our ewes, but all our lambs are sired by RR (scrapie resistant) rams.

Here are pictures and information about our rams and ewes:

img_1272sheep reg 010
Brutus, 2014 RR ram, dual registered.        Diego, 2011 RR ram, dual registered, 24 in.
Will be bred to our ewes in 11/17.               Was bred to the ewes in 11/16.
24 inches.                                                          24 inches.

Mosier family 2015 008Tillie
Millie, 2014 RR ewe, dual registered       Tillie, 2014 ewe, dual registered, 19 in.
2 sets of twins, all ewes!                             1 single, 1 set of twins.  Shortest ewe in the flock

IMG_1391sheep reg 015
Flopsy, 2013 ewe, OEBR                              Quarter, 2013 ewe, dual registered.
3 sets of twins; (one set did not survive)  2 sets of twins.  Best udder in the flock –
Wonderful fleece/longer staple                  easy to milk and gave a pint per milking.

Grand Prairie-20170224-01307sheep reg 017
Jasmine, 2012 QR ewe, dual reg. 22.5 in.  Snowball, 2012 QR ewe, dual registered. 21.5 in.
3 sets of twins.                                                2 singles, 2 sets twins, & triplets; raised them all

Humphrey-20170323-01330Grand Prairie-20150423-00664
Wooly, 2010 ewe, dual   registered.           Ginger, Wooly’s twin.  dual reg. 19.5 in.
3 sets of twins and 2 singles. 21.75 in.       3 sets of twins, a single, and triplets.

Grand Prairie-20170323-01333IMG_1418
Rose, 2010 ewe, dual reg, 21.75 in.              Dora, 2010 ewe, dual reg, 20 in.
Our best producer – 5 sets of live twins;     4 sets of twins and a single.
live triplets in 2017.

We also have several younger ewes; pictures coming soon.

Tillie, Flopsy, Snowball, Jasmine, Dora, Ginger, and Wooly were all born twins.  Quarter, Millie, and Rose were singles.

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