Shearing 2019:

Sheep and Lambs: Pasture Life

Ponies at work:


Here are a few pictures of Millie and Tillie’s yearling fleeces start-to-finish.  This is a work in progress, and when I get the spinning and knitting phases done, I’ll post more pictures.

Milk and Cheese:

In 2015, Ben and I milked 10 ewes for a month.  Close to weaning time, we separated the lambs from their mothers during the night, let the ewes out to graze, and put them all on pasture together after milking in the morning.  Babydolls are not a milk breed, and yield was only 1-2 cups per ewe per day, but it gave us insight into which ewes in our flock have the best udders and ability to produce milk.  I didn’t take any pictures of the actual milking process, but here are some of the things we made.  Yogurt (not pictured) with honey was the kids’ favorite.  On its own, the milk itself was sweet and mild.


Farm Life

A few pictures from both our farm locations:


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