…my calendar tells me there’s only two days left of it. This has me reflecting on the happy times and the work, the collective effort that went into training horses, raising another crop of lambs, and getting the abundant hay crop in place for winter.  And sympathizing with all those raising livestock in drought-stricken regions whose hay crops are not so abundant this year.

While flipping through summer photos (which are few because it seems the doing is usually more important than the recording), I came across a few I want to share.

Grandmother and granddaughter take a 12-mile trail ride with Caramel and Dolly.


July lamb born – first ever for us. We’d given up on lambs from one of older ewes – figured she was done lambing or taking a year off, and then she surprised us with this little one. She is growing up, and is available. See “Sheep for Sale” for details.