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Only two foals were born on Kindergarten Farm this summer, but we’re enjoying them more than ever.  Eclipse is the first full-sized foal we’ve ever had, a Fresian/Walker cross, born to our saddle mare, Caramel.  Clyde is a Shetland/Miniature Horse cross, and will be for sale as a weanling this fall.  Both have been caught and handled almost every day since birth.  This makes them a lot of fun, as they’re getting quite friendly and are leading very well.  Pictured with the grandchildren in the driveway is Mouse, one of our favorite older mares.  Grandpa wonders if it’s safe to lead a pony before you’re two; grandma says yes – it is under the right circumstances!  If you’re interested in a pony/miniature horse, check out our updates to the “Horses for Sale” tab.